I am Shahriar Moin, a highly knowledgeable and skilled professional in the automotive industry. I have a background in Bachelor of Pharmacy and Master of Pharmacy, which gives me a unique perspective on the relationship between cars and health and safety.

I have a deep passion for automotive technology and cars, and I am dedicated to helping others understand vehicles’ complex systems and mechanics. I am the owner of motoradvices.com, a platform where I share my knowledge and insights on various automotive problems and their solutions. This has earned me a reputation as a trusted and reliable source of information for anyone looking to learn about the automotive industry.

I am also an avid car enthusiast and experienced driver, and I love sharing my knowledge and tips on driving techniques. I aim to make the automotive industry accessible and understandable to everyone, and I am committed to breaking down complex issues into easy-to-understand terms.

I have established myself as an authority and expert in automotive technology through my work. I am well-respected in the industry for my vast technical knowledge and my passion for cars. I continue to inspire and educate others about the fascinating world of automotive technology, and I am dedicated to making this industry accessible and understandable to everyone.