Why Is My Battery Light On With New Battery

Why Is My Battery Light On With New Battery? 7 Problems And Solutions

Battery light or dashboard battery indicator usually indicates battery or charging system malfunctions. It happens either for a discharged battery or weakness in it. But what’s more frustrating than seeing the battery light on with a new battery?

Why is my battery light on with the new battery? Well, such concern comes to tell you about the loose battery cables. Or if it’s not, it’s definitely due to reasons such as:

  • Bad Battery
  • Malfunctioning Alternator 
  • Alternator Or Serpentine Belt Issue
  • Overloaded Accessories
  • Voltage Regulator Issue
  • Sensor Issue.

All of them are possible reasons behind these battery light-on difficulties in cars with a new battery. But not to worry as I’ll give you the easiest way to fix it. Go a little further for the troubleshooting guidelines!

Quick Overview: Why Is My Battery Light On With New Battery?

Why Is My Battery Light On With New Battery

While riding the car with a new battery, the dashboard light under the hood is a clear sign of loose cable. Don’t get panic! I suggest to diagnose the problem first and then go to fix it. And you won’t have to take much hassle as I am making a quick overview here.

Loose Battery CablesEnsure the cable clamps are snugly fit by tightening them.
Bad Or Dead BatteryTry the jump-start method.
Use a Trickle charger.
Malfunctioning AlternatorVoltage test.
Repair or replace the alternator.
Broken Alternator/Serpentine  BeltUse a spray bottle with water to spray.
Replace it.
Overloaded AccessoriesBattery and energy test
Require running car battery.
Voltage Regulator IssueDo the voltage testing.
Ensure you charge and keep the ideal charging level.
Sensor IssueA professional technician will diagnose the problem.

What Are The Problems And Solutions For Battery Light On Issue? Troubleshooting Time!

A sudden battery light on when car is off or when driving with a new battery is a big interruption. 

Typically, battery light illuminating is something that tells you about the internal regulator on the alternator.

Why Is My Battery Light On

No worries! I am gonna diagnose and fix all of the possible issues.

Problem 1. Loose Cable Connections

First and foremost, the car illuminates the battery light when there is a loose connection of the wire or cable. There can be an issue between the battery and cable connection of your new battery. 

Cables are responsible for providing power. But when there is an interruption while charging, the car may not receive enough power to run.

Be aware when you install a battery. Faults made by you will trigger issues like low voltage, ground wire heat, and other interruptions. And ultimately, it turns on the battery dashboard light.

Loose Cable Connections


To fix the loose wiring issue, you can try the following guidelines:

  • Use a pair of pliers and a small socket wrench to fasten the wires and cables in the battery.
  • The indicator light that stays for a few seconds is okay, but if it stays, consult the owner’s manual.
  • If the wiring issue persists, ensure you call a professional to diagnose and troubleshoot.
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Tightening the connection DIY won’t cost you bucks. However, battery cable replacement costs range from $50 to $200 if you need to replace them. 

Problem 2. Bad Battery

It’s an unfortunate fact, I am telling you! The battery is dead and showing a warning sign or light! It can happen due to extreme temperature changes.

So, what’s going to happen is you may get less power in accessories. And you’ll hear cranking or clicking noise or even backfiring even in the new battery that’s dying. Now, what to do when the battery light comes on in such a condition?

Bad Battery


If you notice that the new battery appears to be dead, try the following suggestions:

  • Make a jump start to start the car again.
  • Get a trickle charger to charge the dying battery.


DIY is a cost saver, but if you hire a mechanic, they’ll ask for $79-$496 to replace the battery. But for fixing, you’ll have to pay  $45 to $250 to your local dealership or automotive service center.

Problem 3. Malfunctioning Alternator

The most responsible part that helps charge the battery when the engine runs is the alternator. Your battery may be fine, but the malfunctioning alternator causes the voltage meter to drop, and vibrate, and the battery to lose its power.

Malfunctioning Alternator


If you’re dealing with a faulty alternator, there are a couple of ways to address the issue. Here are what you can do:

  • One option is to consider repairing or replacing the alternator, which can often be an effective solution. 
  • Alternatively, seeking the assistance of a trained technician is generally a smart choice as well.


For replacement, it’s a high price, around $100 to $1000 for alternator price along with replacement cost. But $100 to $350 will be enough if it needs fixing only.

Problem 5. Alternator Or Serpentine Belt Issue

The serpentine belt is linked with the alternator. So, if it’s loose, broken, or damaged, the alternator won’t spin properly. It eventually causes charging trouble, and the battery dashboard light comes even with the new battery. Also, it’ll cause a squealing sound or frequent stalls.


I got some easy moves to fix it. Here are the ideas:

  • Replace the belt with a professional mechanic rather than doing it yourself.
  • Or, use a spray bottle with water to keep it spinning properly. Here is a video that may help you out!


If we say it separately, a serpentine belt costs around $15-$80, labor costs around $75-$120, and altogether it’ll cover within $200 to replace.

Problem 7. Accessory Overloaded

In general, car battery provides 12V when it has 6 cells in series. Sometimes, electrical Accessories stop working as your new battery cannot take the load. The same battery runs:

  • Auxiliary lighting gear
  • Subwoofers
  • Stereo
  • GPS
  • Incandescent bulbs 
  • Rear window heaters
  • Winches and more.
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Taking such loads forces the battery to show a warning light.


Don’t worry! I’m dropping the solution for you!

  • Connect your dead battery to the running battery. Recharging is crucial at that point.
  • Much better if you let the mechanic test your battery condition. Or if you can, go for it. It’ll save money! The video can help you out!


Some will give you a free test, or some may take a few dollars, like $20 to $40.

Problem 8. Voltage Regulator Issue

The voltage should remain between 12.6 to 12.8, but if it is less or above, electrical components will face trouble. And as a warning sign, you’ll see the light comes in.


Do the following to fix this problem.

  • Voltage testing is important.
  • Ensure you properly charge and drain the battery when necessary.


Charges may vary based on the store or service center you visit.

Problem 10. Sensor Issue

Automobile computer sensors usually monitor the charging system. But if it’s malfunctioning, there will definitely be a battery light on, but the car runs fine with complexity.

Car Sensor Issue


Let the technician do the job. It’s a little complex to diagnose what’s wrong with the sensor and computer.


To fix the sensor issue, it’ll cost less than $50.

If you’re wondering why your battery light is on even with a new battery, you might also be interested in understanding why the battery light is on after replacing the alternator. Our article on why is the battery light on after replacing the alternator delves into possible causes and solutions. Additionally, for a comprehensive guide on this issue, you can check out our article on why is my battery light on with a new battery and alternator.


Here, you’ll find the most frequently asked topics that users ask related to battery light on with the new battery.

Q. Why is my battery light on with a new battery and new alternator?

Battery lights remain on with new battery and alternator signals issue wiring and electrical connections.

Q. Is it safe to drive with battery light on?

Avoid driving with the car with battery light on. It may eventually destroy the battery or car component as you forcefully run it with faults.

Q. How long can you drive with battery light on?

Although I don’t advise you to drive, don’t go over 30 to 60 minutes if you do. And remember, it’ll surely start stalling!

Q. How long does it take for battery light to go off after replacing battery?

The light should go off immediately. If the car setting remains unchanged, it is advisable to wait for 5 to 30 minutes to ensure that the newly installed battery is properly recognized.

Final Discussion

Now you won’t have to ask, “why is my battery light on with new battery?” We may have accidentally loosened the wire or cable, or some unforeseen issue caused damage to the new battery. Additionally, the alternator may also be to blame.

However, any problem with a new battery has been fixed. You can save money if you have little knowledge about car components. Or you’ll have to hand over your vehicle to fix it by the auto repairer.

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