ABS And VSA Light On Honda

ABS And VSA Light On – Honda Civic, Accord, CRV, Odyssey, and Acura

Modern vehicle technology has included vehicle stability control or VSA along with an anti-lock braking system or ABS. They can illuminate indicating problems. But, what could be the reason behind the ABS and VSA light on in the car?

We found sensor failure, brake fluid’s low level, module issue, blown fuse, tire size difference, lower tire pressure, or reluctor ring is the culprit that turns on the light. 

However, we’ll do a proper diagnosis to fix warning signs in popular Honda models like Honda Civic, Accord, and CRV. Ultimately, you’ll get the reasons along with solutions for such car light illumination.

Why Did My ABS And VSA Light On – Causes To Know

Actually, similar parts in the vehicle control both the anti-lock braking system along with vehicle stability assist systems. The VSA systems often emit a warning if the sensors are transmitting the wrong information to the computer. At the same time, the ABS light turns on if the wheel speed sensor becomes faulty.

Why Did My ABS And VSA Light On

But what causes the light to flash? Let’s explore the issues that turn on the ABS and VSA.

Faulty Or Damaged Wheel Speed Sensors:

By detecting variations in wheel speeds while braking or cornering, the wheel speed sensors determine the speed of the wheels along with the way ABS and VSA are activated. You’ll notice a light comes up when the sensor stops interacting with the VSA system.

Reservoir’s Brake Fluid Is Low: 

Based on experience, the ABS and VSA light on Honda Accord, but are unable to detect the issue. For such issues, they should check the brake fluid level.

ABS typically uses hydraulics to secure the brake pads and pause the car. And ABS warning light on the dashboard illuminates when there is insufficient brake fluid in the reservoir.

ABS Module Breakdown: 

Based on information from wheel sensors, the ABS control module decides when to activate. Since the ABS system controls the VSA, the Odyssey’s VSA light comes on due to ABS module malfunction. 

Honda ABS Module Breakdown

Additionally, the problems may lock the brakes too. Besides that, higher resistance caused by wire corrosion results in a late linking with the ABS and the wheel speed sensor.

A Blown Fuse: 

The ABS system contains some fuses likely to burn or blow over time and eventually turn on the light. There are two box locations so check the owner’s manual to know where the fuses are located.

ABS And VSA System Turned Off: 

You may accidentally turn off the ABS or VSA system in your car. So, if you notice your Acura Tl light is on, just check out if you unintentionally switched off the system or not.

ABS And VSA System Turned Off

The VSA System Is Malfunctioning: 

Any component failure or automatically shut-off VSA system also flashes in the dashboard. Aside from this, the light illuminates via the console switch, or some component failure will turn off the ABS and VSA and warn by flashing light.

A good idea is to use a scanner to identify the issue in the car. However, in most cases, a broken steering angle sensor, sensor wiring issue, or ABS module faults may switch off the VSA system.

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Tire Size Is Wrong: 

You’re upset because ABS and VSA light on Honda Accord but have you checked the tire size? Tire size is another factor to check whether it’s fitted or not.

Honda Tire Size Is Wrong

Actually, the VSA controller will get conflicting wheel speed indications from the wrong tire size. The system understands some of the wheels are in trouble. Eventually, the car’s rotational imbalance will cause the system to activate the warning light.

Low Tire Pressure:

It’s also possible that the vehicle started to illuminate lights in the dashboard. When one tire spins faster than others, the VSA detects it like a pro. Where the TPMS system may also turn on the light. Therefore, ensure the vehicle has no low tire pressure.

It’s mandatory to have the tire and wheel identical, Otherwise, the low-pressure tires cause the wheels to spin at various speeds, which is risky, So, VSA illuminates light.

How To Fix ABS And VSA Light On – 10 Tips To Utilize

How To Fix ABS And VSA Light On

Basically, the light turns on when the car is in trouble. As we already discovered the cause that makes the dashboard light on, let’s talk about some easy fixing tips.

  1. The professional hand is always best to resolve issues like VSA and ABS warning lights.
  2. If it’s about ABS light, check the fuse, test the wheel sensor, change the wheel speed sensor and computer module, and end up inspecting the stator ring.
  3. For the Honda’s VSA lights to reset, take the car to a safe place, turn it off, wait a little, and restart or reset the VSA light.
  4. Ensure all the tires and wheels are the same in size to spin equally.
  5. Vehicle tires should be inflated and checked.
  6. Any sensors must be checked and require reset when the light illuminates.
  7. For the TPMS sensor, install it in winter tires.
  8. Wiring harnesses that are damaged must require repairing.
  9. You may need to replace the spark plug or erase any emission-related engine trouble codes to restore the VSA properly.
  10. A clogged screen beneath the oil filter attachment bracket may cause the VSA and triangle light to illuminate and it requires gentle cleaning.

How Do You Reset ABS And VSA Light?

Resetting a VSA with an ABS warning light is not a difficult task, but we always suggest taking professional’s assistance. However, go through this part to reset the vehicle stability and assist with VSA warning and ABS light in Honda models. Or if you prefer to see how it works search how to reset VSA and ABS light YouTube.

Honda VSA & ABS Warning Reset – Simple DIY
  • Step 1. Turn off the ignition and get the key.
  • Step 2. Use paper clips but light gauge wire can be good too.
  • Step 3. At this point, gently press on the brake pedal and turn the ignition to mode “II”.
  • Step 4. Then, release the pedal when the ABS sensor appears. However, it may come again, and you’ll have to press the pedal again.
  • Step 5. Wait for the ABS light to flash and turn off after a short while. If the light goes away, you’ve erased the error codes.
  • Step 6. Also, unplug the jumper wire from the OBD connector after turning off the ignition.
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You may need to try this process a few times until the faults or light goes away.

If you’re experiencing ABS and VSA light on issues in your Honda, you may be interested in learning how to fix the ABS light. Our comprehensive guide on how to fix ABS light provides step-by-step instructions and tips to resolve ABS light problems in different vehicles. Additionally, if you’re also facing speedometer not working and ABS light on problems, you can find useful information in our article on speedometer not working and ABS light on, which explores the potential causes and solutions for this issue.


You may check the Q&A section for more ideas about such ABS and VSA light-on problems.

Can You Drive With VSA And ABS Light On?

While researching vehicle ABS and VSA topics, many of the users have asked, “Is it safe to drive with ABS and VSA lights on?”
Well, driving is ok with the VSA and ABS lights. Because you are able to brake and turn as usual but just without stability and hard brakes. However, it would be wiser to take towing service if both the transmission and VSA lights come.

Is It Safe To Drive 60 Miles With The VSA And ABS Light Engaged?

Certain vehicles have the potential to enter a limp mode that limits speed above 30 mph. However, you can safely drive with ABS and VSA light, until the car shows any severe problems.

Does VSA affect brakes?

The entire braking system is not controlled by VSA, nor can improve the driving stability.

Can a weak battery cause ABS problems?

A weak or dead battery sends a lot of error codes and supplies the electrical power that is required to start the engine to operate the car components. Therefore, a low battery can make the ABS or traction control lights turn on.

Final Words

Now, it’s how and why Honda Civic, Accord, CRV, Odyssey, Acura, and other cars have ABS and VSA Light On. Whenever the car components become faulty, the sensory systems light becomes on. Particularly, sensor issues, module breakdowns, fluid levels, fuses, and tire sizes are to blame for such light indications.

And what to do to turn off the VSA with ABS light? Give a proper reset or repair of the components after diagnosing the issue. If you prefer the DIY method to switch off the warning sign, follow the given steps. Or, much better if you meet a professional car fixer.

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