How to Reset Oil Change Light on Ford Escape

Proven Methods on How to Reset Oil Change Light on Ford Escape

Having the appropriate quality and quantity of engine oil for your Ford Escape is crucial. If the oil’s quantity or quality becomes below the standard, you will see a light on your dashboard. Following this, you do the oil change. Here, if the light doesn’t get reset automatically, you have to reset it by yourself.

So, how do you reset the oil change light on the Ford Escape? If your car model is 2017 or older, then you have to go for a manual oil change light reset process. If the Escape is a 2018 or above model, then you have to use the automated process. 

Running the wheels with a low amount of oil or contaminated oil means less lubrication of the engine components. It can cause some major damage. Let’s explore this in detail.

The Answer: How to Reset Oil Change Light on Ford Escape?

How to Reset Oil Change Light on Ford Escape

In this section, we detail the reset process of this warning light. We must mention that in our consideration, the 2017 and before are old models. On the other hand, the 2018 and above models are considered new models.

For Old Ford Escape Model 

Reset Oil Change Light on Old Ford Escape Model

The following is the oil change light reset process of your Escape if its model is 2017 or below.

  • Step 01: Start with changing the oil. Locate the container at first. It is usually located in front of the engine on the driver’s side. The reservoir has a yellow-color cap labeled as engine oil. 
  • Step 02: Open the cap by rotating it clockwise. Wipe up the cap threads on the container with a clean cloth so that no dirt goes inside while pouring new oil. 
  • Step 03: Drain out the old oil. Pour the new engine oil and take it to the level marked as maximum on the container.
  • Step 04: Close the reservoir cap by rotating it anti-clockwise.
  • Step 05: Now, sit in the driver’s seat. Put the key on.
  • Step 06: Press the gas and break both pedals at the same time. On the dashboard, you will see a service sign mentioning “oil change prog.” 
  • Step 07: Wait till the process is completed; let the gas and brake paddles be pressed. After a few seconds, the resetting process will be completed. 
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Check out this YouTube video to reset the warning light:

For the New Ford Escape Model

Reset Oil Change Light on New Ford Escape Model

The below steps are applicable for oil change light reset for Ford Escape model 2018 and onward.

  • Step 01: Change the engine oil by letting the old oil drain out and pouring in new oil.
  • Step 02: Now, check out the information display board on the dashboard. 
  • Step 03: Scroll down and find the option named “Settings.” You will see two buttons over there.
  • Step 04: Press the “right arrow” option. Now, scroll down and go to the “Vehicle” option. Then, press the “right arrow” option.
  • Step 05: Scroll to the option named “oil life” and press the “right arrow” button. 
  • Step 06: After pressing the “right arrow” button, you will see an option named “OK.” Press this “OK” button until the display comes up with a message mentioning “reset successfully.” Upon seeing this message, it is sure that the oil change indicator has been reset.

Must-know Information About Oil Change Light Reset

Must-know Information About Oil Change Light Reset

The following are some guidelines that you must follow in regard to oil change light reset.

Contaminated Oil

Whether the oil change indicator gets activated or not, we strongly recommend you check the oil level and condition every month. Sometimes, due to the retention of the appropriate oil level, the indicator does not get illuminated. But, the oil is contaminated. 

In this case, you will see dirt particles are visible or that there is a change in the color of the oil. This contaminated oil can do damage to Ford’s engine components. So, you need to replace the contaminated oil with new and fresh oil. Finally, you have to reset the indicator.

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Manufacturer Guideline

As per Ford’s manufacturer guideline, after every 10,000 miles, you must change the oil and reset the system. Most importantly, if there is an oil change light illuminating, you must immediately change the oil to restrict some major damage to the car parts. 

You have to change the oil within two weeks after the indicator light is illuminated.

People Also Ask 

In this section, we answer some of the most common questions asked by Ford Escape owners regarding oil change light reset.

What should I do if the oil change light doesn’t reset on the Ford Escape 2020?

If the automated process of oil change light reset does not work out, try the old-school method. Turn the ignition on and press the brake and gas paddle for some time. If the issue remains, go to a professional or Ford-authorized workshop.

Does resetting the oil change light affect my Ford’s warranty?

No, it is part of routine maintenance work. It should not impact your warranty. It’s a standard procedure and doesn’t void warranty coverage. We highly recommend you follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule for warranty compliance. 

Final Words

We hope that now you have a clear understanding of how to reset oil change light on the Ford Escape. In consideration of the year of manufacturing, do the resetting task. If the model is old, use a manual process. 

On the other hand, if the model is new, you can do a reset from the information display unit on the vehicle’s dashboard. Finally, even though the resetting process is very easy, you need minimum technical know-how to do that. If you don’t have it, in such cases, resetting will fail repeatedly, and some malfunction may occur.  

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