How To Reset Oil Life Honda CRV

How To Reset Oil Life Honda CRV: Based On The Model

The Honda CRV has been around for a couple of decades, providing its users with incredible features. One such feature is the oil life settings. However, many users still struggle with resetting the oil life. 

So, how to reset the oil life Honda CRV? For 2007-2023 models, on the home screen, go to “Settings” and then “Vehicle” and then “Maintenance Info” to “Select Reset Items” and then “Engine Oil Life.” This is, however, just one method for it. There are several other ways to reset it, depending on the model of your Honda. 

Moving on, we will give you in-depth guidance on resetting the oil life depending on your model. Also, we will tell you about oil life and its percentage for Honda CRV. Moreover, we will tell you what exactly determines the oil life for better understanding. So, keep reading! 

What Is Oil Life On A Honda CRV? 

Oil life is one of the major components in vehicles that act as an indicator. This indicator is a part of your maintenance feature. It tells you the condition of your engine oil and when you need to replace it. 

It does so by judging the engine operations, driving conditions, engine revolutions, and temperature.

What Is Oil Life On A Honda CRV

This is a very important feature as your vehicle won’t provide the expected services with lower percentages of oil life. Moreover, changing oil when needed ensures a long engine life cycle as well as prevents it from overheating. Thus preventing the oil from degrading over time. 

Honda CRV Oil Life Percentage Indicator

It’s always an additional benefit to know about your oil life percentage. You need to understand the oil life isn’t alerting you about how much oil you have. Rather, it is an indication of how long your engine oil will be serviceable.  

Once you start with fresh engine oil, the oil life percentage is 100%. It decreases as you keep driving around, and this is automatically monitored on your Honda. When the oil life percentage decreases to around 15%, the monitoring system alerts you. 

You will see a yellow icon on your dashboard. This is your signal to reset the oil life. Bear in mind that this signal doesn’t mean that your vehicle isn’t safe to drive. 

How To Reset The Oil Life On A Honda CRV?

How To Reset The Oil Life On A Honda CRV

Now that you know what exactly is oil life, it will be easier to work with. Here is how to reset the oil life of a Honda CRV based on models of different years: 

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2007-2023 Models

This applies to all relatively new models, and there are a couple of methods for such models. 

Method 1:

  1. Rotate the ignition to the first position. Make sure the engine is off.
  2. On the steering wheel, press the Home button.
  3. Scroll down to Maintenance and then select Enter.
  4. Hold on to Enter and press it for around 10 seconds to enable reset mode.
  5. Scroll down to Engine Oil Life or Engine Oil Indicator %, depending on your model, and select Enter.
Honda CRV 2023 Models

Method 2 (touchscreen):

  1. On your home screen, select Settings.
  2. Select Vehicle.
  3. Select Maintenance Info.
  4. Select Reset Items.
  5. Select All Due Items or Oil & Filter, depending on your need. We recommend you select All Due Items for a complete oil life reset.

Method 3:

  1. Rotate the ignition to the first position. Make sure the engine is off.
  2. Push down the Trip stem and toggle off to Engine Oil Life or Engine Oil Indicator %, depending on your model.
  3. Hold on to the Trip stem for around 10 seconds or until your display starts blinking.
  4. Release the stem and twist it to select the Reset option. 
  5. Push down the Trip stem and hold on to it for another 10 seconds.

2002-2006 Models

Honda CRV 2006 Models

For such models, you will receive a Maintenance Required light notification when you have to reset your oil life. Follow the steps below when you receive such notification: 

  1. Turn on the ignition to the II position using your key.
  2. Turn off the ignition, then push while holding on to the Trip knob.
  3. Turn the ignition back to its original II position while holding the Trip knob.

If you’ve followed the steps carefully, the notification light should clear out on its own. 

1997-2005 Models

Honda CRV 2003 Models

Follow the steps below for older models.

  1. Turn the ignition off to the Zero position.
  2. On the home screen, push and hold the Select/Reset knob. 
  3. Turn the ignition to the II position while holding down the Select/Reset knob.
  4. Hold down the knob for a few seconds to let the oil life indicator rest.
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What Determines Oil Life?

Most drivers are under the misconception that the oil life is only dependent on mileage. However, there are several other factors contributing to it. Your driving conditions heavily impact your oil life. 

The surface you’re driving on and the climate of your surroundings are key factors. Moreover, reckless driving can impact your oil life, as it puts unnecessary stress on your engine, which leads to overheating.  

What Determines Oil Life

Your vehicle itself is a factor here. The older a vehicle is, the shorter the oil life cycle it will have. The same goes for vehicles with higher mileage. Moreover, the maintenance of your vehicle is just as important for its oil life. So, make sure to check the engine and get it fixed accordingly frequently. 

Lastly, the oil you’re using is the most important factor. Needless to say, if your oil degrades quickly, your oil life will be very short. Occasionally, check your oil for contaminants as well as the oil filter. 


We’ve covered everything you need to know on how to reset oil life. Now, let’s discuss some commonly asked questions for additional detail. 

Q. Does oil life automatically reset? 

 No, oil life can never reset itself automatically. You have to do it manually.

Q. How long can you drive with a 15% oil life? 

For the Honda CRV, you can drive about 1100 miles before your engine reaches the end of its service. However, it can vary based on your driving conditions. 

Q. Is it safe to drive with low oil percentages?

Driving with a low oil life percentage isn’t recommended at all. It can lead to excessive damage to the engine. 


There are several different ways you could reset your oil life percentage in your Honda CRV, depending on the model you have. To give you a general overview, you will need to scroll through your dashboard or central home screen inside the car and select Engine Oil Life. 

The Honda CRV has produced numerous models, all of which need different operations. So, if you’re having any trouble resetting your oil life, take a second glance at our in-depth article. We hope this has been helpful to you! 

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