Brake Light Not Working After Changing The Bulb

5 Causes Of Brake Light Not Working After Changing The Bulb!

Driving is risky if the brake light is not properly working. After changing the bulb, mostly this problem disappears. But problems arise if it still does not work after changing. 

So, what are the causes of brake light not working after changing bulb? It could be because you have replaced the bad one or expired bulb. Also, if there is any loose connection between the bulb and fuse, the brake light will not work. A blown-out fuse and damaged brake light switch is also the common cause behind this. 

These are only the causes. This article gives you a detailed discussion of the causative factors and their solutions. Stay tuned!

Why Is The Brake Light Not Working After Changing Bulb?

There are a few reasons for the brake light not working after changing the bulb. Have a look at the following points and check them in your car.

Why Is The Brake Light Not Working After Changing Bulb

Cause 1: Expired Or Fused Bulb

After changing the bulb, the brake light will not work if the bulb is expired or fused.


Check the bulbs to see if it is still good or not.

  1. Check the filament inside the bulb. If it is broken, it will burn out. There could be a burn spot on the glass.
  2. For assurance, you can test it with a multimeter.
  3. Set the multimeter at ohm reading.
  4. Touch one test probe to the outer casing.
  5. Take the other test probe to the bottom of the bulb.
  6. If the bulb is good, it will give a reading. Otherwise, no reading will show.
Brake Light Fused Bulb

Cause 2: Loose Connection

The brake light will not work if the connection between the fuse and the bulb is loose. The old one can remain attached to the wire or socket for long. So, the new one can face difficulties in connecting.


You can fix this problem within minutes. Follow the process to fix the problem.

  1. Check if there is power in the socket.
  2. Use a thin-edge instrument that can easily get into the contacts of the socket.
  3. Move the contacts a little bit outward producing little pressure.
  4. Now, the socket will give better contact with the bulb.
Brake Light Loose Connection

Cause 3: Damaged Fuse And Brake Light Switch

Two fuses are present, which are related to the brake light. One fuse gives power to the brake light and another to the brake light switch. If any fuse is worn out, there could be many problems. 


In case of a worn-out fuse, you should replace it. Follow the process to do that.

  1. Open the hood and uncover the fuse box. Detecting the right fuse is important. If you see the wrong one and that is good, you cannot fix the problem.
  2. There is a 15 amp fuse. Check this fuse and replace it if damaged.
  3. Now, uncover a box below the steering wheel’s left side.
  4. Pull the 10 amp fuse and check it.
  5. Replace the fuse if it is blown out.
Damaged Fuse And Brake Light Switch

If there is no problem with the fuse, check the brake light switch. If it is damaged, you need to replace it following the instructions. 

  1. Follow the brake paddle upward and you will find a brake light switch.
  2. Press the brake paddle and the lever will move away from the switch.
  3. Now remove the safety clip.
  4. Rotate the switch counterclockwise, about 45 degrees.
  5. Now, separate the switch from the connector.
  6. Place a new switch with the connector. Lock it and then rotate it clockwise.
  7. Give the safety clip back on position.
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Cause 4: Faulty Ground Connection

A ground connection plays an important role in balancing the whole electric supply in the car. The electric system of a car works properly when there is a close loop from plus to minus. When the ground connection is not working, the brake light will not run.


You should check the ground connection with a multimeter following the process below. 

  1. Set the multimeter to 20 volts of direct current.
  2. Touch the black wire in the negative and the red wire in the positive portion.
  3. Take the reading.
  4. Then check the voltage of the battery and note the reading
  5. If the connection is good, the two readings will be the same.
Brake Light Faulty Ground Connection

If the ground connection is not good, you have to replace and clean the two major connections. Follow the process to clean it. 

  1. Unscrew the wires that connect the battery and the car body.
  2. Then, unscrew the wire between the car body and the engine.
  3. Now clean the wires.
  4. If any wire is damaged, replace it.
  5. Then, return everything to position and tighten the screws.

Cause 5: Mismatch Bulb Connecting

Putting the wrong bulb will not allow the brake light to work. If your car needs the same model in replacement, then you should pay attention. 

Brake Light Mismatch Bulb Connecting


First, buy a bulb that suits your car. You can see the manual or buy a new one by seeing the old model. Then follow the instructions to set. 

  1. Open up the trunk.
  2. Pull the flap out.
  3. Twist the bulb connector counterclockwise and put the bulb outside of the case.
  4. Now, rotate the bulb counterclockwise and let it free from the socket.
  5. Test the voltage in the connector end.
  6. If it is working, put a new bulb in the socket and turn it clockwise.
  7. Now put back the socket and wire in position and turn clockwise.
  8. Put the flap back in position.
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These are the possible causes and their solutions to your problem. Take help from an expert if you have no previous experience of repairing. If you still can not deal with the problem, take your car to the repair shop.

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These are some commonly asked questions by people about brake lights not working.

Q: Can I drive a car with dysfunctioning brake lights?

You should not drive a car with dysfunctioning brake lights. Brakes are added for road safety purposes for the passengers. If the brake light is not working, the drivers around you will not understand your next move and an accident can take place.

Q: How long do brake bulbs last?

Brake bulbs can last up to four years. But the lifetime can increase or decrease. It depends on how much you use the lights.

Q: Should I replace both brake lights?

Replacing both or one brake light at a time depends on your choice. You can replace them after they go bad. Or you can change it at the same time. If one light goes bad, the other will also go bad within a few days. It is because they both have the same lifetime and have been used in the same manner.


Do not worry if you are facing a brake light problem after replacing the bulb. This is a common problem for car owners. Check the connections properly. You can easily fix the loose connections of the fuse. Also, check the bulb properly to see if it is working or not.

Replacing a wrong or unfit bulb will not work though it is good. Change the fuse or brake light switch if it seems damaged. You should get help from an expert if you haven’t worked with the ground connection before.

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