How to Reset Oil Change Light Ford Focus? Expert Solution

Changing engine oil on time in your Ford Focus is one of the most crucial maintenance tasks. However, the issue is that in most cases, even after changing the oil, the respective light on the dashboard remains on. Here, manual resetting of the light is required.

So, how to reset the oil change light in Ford Focus? Well, the resetting process of the oil change light of Ford Focus is different, depending on the model. For new ones, you can use the directional pad, and for the old models, you have to use gas and brake pedals.

We discuss the resetting process in detail here, considering old and new models. Let’s start.

Resetting the Oil Change Light of the Ford Focus: Step-By-Step Procedure

In this section, we elaborate on the reset methods of both old and new models of Ford Focus.

Resetting the Oil Change Light of the Ford Focus

Resetting Oil Change Light in Old Models of Ford Focus

In the old model criteria, we have considered models from 1998 to 2011. Below is the stepwise guide to reset the oil change light of these models.

Resetting Oil Change Light in Old Models of Ford Focus

Step 1: Prepare Your Vehicle

Park your vehicle on a flat surface; your garage is also okay. Insert the key into the ignition without starting the engine. If your Ford Focus has a push-button start, press the start/stop button once without starting the engine.

Step 2: Activate the Reset Procedure

Now, start to press the gas and brake pedals both simultaneously. You have to do the pressing in a continuous and consistent manner. When pressing, you must reach the maximum level- touching the floor. 

Do this pressing work for about 20 seconds. Now, you will see that the vehicle’s display is showing the message, “Service: oil reset complete.”

Reset Oil Change Light in Old Models of Ford Focus

Step 3: Release the Pedals

Release your feet from the gas and brake pedals. 

Step 4: Completion of the Reset Process

Now, proceed to turn off your vehicle. This step ends the reset process. The reset is now complete. 

Resetting Oil Change Light in New Models of Ford Focus

In the new model criteria, we have considered Ford Focus models from 2012 to 2023. The following is the oil change light reset process of these models.

Resetting Oil Change Light in New Models of Ford Focus

Step 01: Preparation

Park your Ford at a suitable place. Then, at first, use the left-side directional pad on your steering wheel to navigate to the “Settings” option. 

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    Step 02: Resetting Process Start

    • Within the “Settings” menu, locate and choose “Vehicle.” 
    • Now, look for the “Oil Life Reset” option and select it. 
    • Press the “OK” button. 
    • Remain in the pressing position for some time to initiate the reset process. The system will automatically reset the oil change light, and it will get turned off.
    Reset Oil Change Light Ford Focus

    Step 03: Completion of Reset Process

    Now, go for setting the time of warning you about oil change-related issues. You choose the percentage at which you’d like to receive a warning for your next oil change. The resetting process is done.

    Tips for Keeping Oil Change Light Off

    We suggest you apply the tips below so that the oil change light remains off and does not bother you.

    • You should consider resetting the oil change indicator as a crucial task to maintain your Ford’s efficient functional condition. 
    • To reset the oil change light, you must follow the technical specifications provided by the manufacturer in the owner’s manual.
    • We suggest you not reset the oil change light without completing the recommended oil change. Otherwise, you will face some undesirable consequences. It can result in premature engine wear. Most importantly, it can trigger a negative impact on the vehicle’s overall functionality.
    • After resetting the oil change light, turn off the engine. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, start the vehicle. If, upon starting your vehicle, the indicator message is displayed again, then the resetting has not been done properly. You have to do it again.
    • In consideration of the above point, after repeating the resetting process, you should not think the issue is resolved. Again, test it as per the above-mentioned procedure. Turn off the vehicle and turn on the vehicle after 15 minutes. Be sure that the light is gone.
    Tips for Keeping Oil Change Light Off

    People Also Ask

    In this section, we answer some of the very common and usual questions that Ford Focus owners ask frequently. The questions are related to the resetting process and the need for the oil change light on.

    Is it necessary to reset the oil change light in a Ford Focus myself, or can a mechanic do it during an oil change service?

    A mechanic will do the resetting of the oil change light during an oil change service. In the case you are taking professional assistance, the mechanic is responsible for doing the full task.

    What should I do if the oil change indicator message persists after I’ve tried to reset it?

    If the indicator message remains illuminated after the reset attempt, you should repeat the procedure. This time, you must ensure that you follow the steps accurately. However, even after several attempts, if the issue persists, take assistance from a professional mechanic.

    Final Words

    We hope that now you have a crystal clear idea of how to reset the oil change light Ford Focus. By applying our stepwise guidelines, you will be able to do that easily. But, you must check the model of the Ford before applying the resetting process as there are two different processes. 

    Finally, for the new model, if you are not a tech-savvy person, take the help of a professional. The same goes for the old model. If you lack knowledge of the car’s mechanism, get professional help. 

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