Will Anti Theft Light Drain Battery

Will Anti Theft Light Drain the Battery Gradually?

Vehicle battery drain over time, but have you ever investigated what causes battery drainage? Well, problematic charging systems, electrical devices, temperature problems, and lights left running usually are to blame.

But will the anti-theft light drain the battery? Gradually, it will drain the old battery over time. It’s due to using 2 to 10 milliamperes to light up. Also, some security systems, like wiring to alarms, take power to drain the battery. And ensure you don’t cross two weeks without driving.

However,  wait a little to know what actually causes battery drainage. Besides, I’ll bring some of the easiest methods to fix the anti theft light or immobilizer that indirectly causes battery drainage.

Anti Theft Light Is On: Will Anti Theft Light Drain Battery?

Not significantly, but gradually, it will weaken the battery over time. The anti-theft or immobilizer security light is used to prevent the car from getting stolen. So, it’s a matter of concern as the car’s battery provides power to electrical components.

Suppose the anti-theft system is in warning mode, indicated by a yellow dash light. The car utilized as little as 2 mAmp to flash the light effect.

Anti Theft Light Is On

Assuming the automobile battery is in perfect condition with a 12-volt battery with 48 amp-hours capacity. However, the calculation indicates it’s a long time to exhaust battery power from the automobile.

The majority of car systems have anti-theft lights equipped with power-saving LED technology. Such lights take very little power, with only 5-10 amps when turned on. It reads 2-2.5 amph when blinking. And it’s nothing serious that can drain the battery.

Symptoms Of Bad Anti-Theft System

Symptoms Of Bad Anti-Theft System

It’s important to note that a malfunctioning Anti Theft System doesn’t necessarily indicate an issue with your battery. There can be other issues, including the following.

  1. You’ll notice the dashboard is illuminating or flashing a security light.
  2. The key fob is not responding to lock, unlock, or disarm the alarm.
  3. Possibly, the car won’t start, and the engine might not crank.
  4. Key cylinder or ignition switch malfunctions.
  5. Frequently, a warning message is coming.

However, all the difficulties require an expert technician’s hand.

What Causes Anti Theft Light To Drain Battery?

What Causes Anti Theft Light To Drain Battery

This anti-theft security light system will not directly consume battery power, but indirect contributions are to blame. Here are the reasons behind battery drainage.

  • Corroded Connections: Poor connection or corrosion in the wiring system can lead to electrical problems. And it leads to battery drainage!
  • Faults In Security System: Difficulties in anti-theft security systems cannot go to sleep mode, which is a problem. It causes continuous power consumption and ultimately drains the battery.
  • Repeated Alarm: Continuous alarm can consume battery power to drain. So, you need to activate it properly and ensure there is no false alarm.
  • Drain Old Battery: If you have an old battery, it will drain as soon as it is used for a conventional alarm system. The alarm and other cutting-edge GPS tracking will drain the old battery.
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How Do You Fix An Anti Theft Light While Draining Battery?

So, the anti theft illumination will drain the battery a little. However, if you expect to prevent battery drainage, check the following tips I’m including.

How Do You Fix An Anti Theft Light While Draining Battery

Tip 1. Let The Engine Run

Don’t keep the car unused for a long time. Either let someone drive or keep the engine running for 15 to 20 minutes each day.

Tip 2. Store Battery

Disconnecting and storing the battery is another way to keep the car’s battery safe from drainage or corroding. We suggest keeping the battery in a cool and dry location. For example, the space temperature must be between 10 to 25°C.

Tip 3. Keep The Systems Run Ideally

As I said, the key fob, corroded connection, and repeated alarm can trigger your battery health; be sure the anti-theft illumination is good. To keep the system running well, follow the ideas:

  • If the problem is with the key fob, repair or replace it ASAP. 
  • Adjust the setting when it’s about alarm sensitivity by consulting the car’s manual book.
  • Inspect wiring and connections as you may find loose connections, damage, or corrosion. You’ll have to repair the wiring.

Tip 4. Anti-Theft Software Update

Modern cars require software or firmware updates often. So, be active to know from the dealers or manufacturers to ensure the security system is doing well with the updated condition.

Tip 5: Consult Mechanics

If the diagnosis seems complicated, let the professional mechanic or automobile expert do the job. 

These are the possible fixes when you notice the battery drains because of the anti theft light. But the way the security system drains the battery, you won’t have to worry about it.

However, if it’s a problem with your anti theft light, you can check this video out.

Do I Need To Reset Anti Theft Light To Prevent Battery Draining?

No, you don’t have to reset the security system. But you must diagnose and fix the underlying problem that causes excessive power absorption and malfunctioning in systems. 

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It’s crucial as all of them indirectly can drain the battery. However, resetting can be a troubleshooting idea, but it’s not a solution for the battery drainage issue.

Do I Need To Reset Anti Theft Light To Prevent Battery Draining

How Much Does It Cost To Fix an Anti-theft System?

Fixing the anti-theft system that drains the battery depends on various factors when considering cost. Here is an estimated costing chart that’ll give you a hint.

Anti Theft Light Draining Battery Fixing CostEstimated Amount
Labor$108 to $136
Total Repair$100 to $1000
Replacement Only$446 to $474
Reset Only$120 to $250
Parts Only$338 to $338
If you’re concerned about whether the anti-theft light can drain your battery, it’s essential to understand the factors involved. Additionally, if you suspect that a fuse might be causing the battery light to come on, you’ll want to investigate further. Our guide on how to check for a draw on a car battery with a test light can help you diagnose electrical issues, while our article on can a fuse cause the battery light to come on explores this topic in detail, providing valuable insights into car battery and electrical system problems.


Although you got your answer, a curious mind may ask for some other questions. So, here is the FAQ section for you!

Q. Can an anti-theft illumination drain a car’s battery overnight?

No, anti-theft light cannot drain the battery overnight. However, accidental issues like electrical systems can speed up battery drainage. Still, it can’t happen overnight.

Q. Is it possible for Anti-theft light to drain the battery when you leave the for a long?

There won’t be any significant impact during extended parking periods, but you should keep the engine active as there is a chance of corrosion.

Q. Is it safe to disconnect anti-theft light to prevent battery drainage?

No. It’s an unsecured idea and a temporary solution. It’s better to consult a professional to fix the battery drainage issue.

Final Words: Will Anti Theft Light Drain the Battery?

Battery drainage due to anti theft light is a long process. Because the system only consumes less power. So, don’t worry about it until you disconnect the system because of the battery issue.

Also, anti theft lights have different purposes but can be an indirect culprit that can drain the battery too fast. Notably, key fobs, ignition problems, wiring issues, or missing out on software updates may make the damage or battery disturbance faster. But it rarely happens!

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