Can You Drive A Car With A Bent Frame

Can You Drive A Car With A Bent Frame? [Find Out The Truth]

Maintaining the good health of your vehicle is becoming an increasingly difficult task. Especially in ever-growing traffic where car accidents are more frequent than ever.

So a common question of the concerned citizens is can you drive a car with a bent frame? Well, if the accident is not severe, you technically can. But you would be opening yourself to a variety of issues. For example, damaging the internal of your vehicle, handling issues of your car, and safety concerns as a driver.

A lot of questions still need to be answered about driving a car with a bent frame and we will in the article down below.

Can You Drive A Car With A Bent Frame?

As previously discussed, driving a car with a bent frame is fine as long as you have engaged in a minor car accident. But even so, there are problems you would face in the long run. 

It is important to note that the frame of your car is not entirely cosmetic. The body of a car is designed to protect both the passengers and the passersby on the road.

Can You Drive A Car With A Bent Frame

So driving a car with a bent frame is essentially jeopardizing the safety of both you and the passersby. As a result, anyone on the road is also at risk if you happen to engage in another accident.

Also, the center of gravity of your car is designed to be in the optimal position to ease the driving. If your car has a bent frame, the center of gravity of your car is very likely to be altered. Not only would it cause driving issues, but also severe distress while driving.

Lastly, your car frame is also designed to protect its internal system. By driving with a bent frame, you are jeopardizing the internal health of your car. Not only could it massively lower your car’s life expectancy but it also cause it to malfunction and be prone to accidents.

Can You Drive A Car With A Bent Frame

Physical Changes Of A Bent Frame In A Car

There are mainly two types of symptoms, physical deformation and subtle performance issues. 

If you have engaged in a serious accident, chances are you will notice physical deformation of your car’s frame. Any bent or changes in your car’s original shape is considered to be a physical deformation. So it is easy to spot by the naked eye.

Physical Changes Of A Bent Frame In A Car

Performance Issues and Symptoms Of A Bent Frame

If you have engaged in a mild accident, chances are your car has received a very subtle bent frame. So subtle that it is hard to notice through the naked eye. So then, how can we identify such a problem?

Do not worry, there are only a handful of symptoms to look out for if your car has a subtle bent frame.

Performance Issues and Symptoms Of A Bent Frame

Alignment Of Your Car Is Off

After an accident, if you have an easier time turning one side but it is quite difficult to turn the other, your car has an alignment problem. The alignment problem is also caused due to improper adjustment and placement of your tires. 

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But if you have not changed tires in the recent past, still facing alignment issues, it is very well caused by a minor bent frame. Your frame is also responsible for the right weight distribution and stability of your vehicle. Even a minor bent could cause such problems.

And adjusting the proper alignment of your vehicle costs somewhere around $100 at most mechanic stores on most car models. Hence, it is recommended to align your car properly, as the risk associated with it is huge compared to the cost.

Unusual Noises

Car Unusual Noises

A minor bent might not be apparent at first, but it might cause your vehicle to produce unusual noise later on. Minor bent or not, if your vehicle is producing unusual noise suddenly, inspect it through a professional. It will prevent any further harm to your vehicle. 

Also, if there are no technical problems found but the noises persist, your vehicle, unfortunately, has received a minor bent.

Sudden Wear And Tear Of Wheels And Suspension

Due to the displacement of your car’s center of gravity, one side of your car has to bear extra load. Meaning the wheels and suspension present on the heavier side of your car wears easily and quickly.

That is another indication of a bent frame. If you cannot notice any physical deformation, a subtle bent has taken place on your car’s frame.

Here is a video to help you change your vehicle’s wheels if they are worn out.

When Is Driving A Car With A Bent Frame Dangerous?

As previously mentioned, there is actually no issue driving a car with a bent frame. But you would be either jeopardizing your car’s health or your own safety in the long run. 

A common question might arise, when does the bent frame of my car need immediate attention, and when can it wait? Well, a general rule of thumb is to see its performance. 

As long as the performance of your car is not jeopardized, it can wait. But take extra precautions driving your car as bent frames generally contribute to worse steering and handling issues to your car.

When Is Driving A Car With A Bent Frame Dangerous

But if the performance is compromised, seek professional mechanic help asap as every minute on the road will negatively contribute to your car’s longevity.

Bent Frame Fixing Cost Of Your Car 

Fixing the bent frame of your car depends on a lot of factors. From the extent of bent, it has suffered to the model of your car and availability. 

Bent Frame Fixing Cost Of Your Car 

In the table down below, we will discuss the bent-fixing cost of the most popular cars available, assuming they have a general bent. To give you an estimation of what it would cost to fix a bent frame.

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CarCost (Approximate)
Nissan Altima$480 – $500
Honda Accord$1,000 – $1,100
Honda Civic$1,000 – $1,100
Chevrolet Malibu$290 – $490
Chevrolet Impala$750 – $850
Toyota Corolla$322 – $400
Ford Focus$750 – $850
Ford Explorer$442 – $449
Toyota RAV4$383 – $756
Subaru Impreza$320 – $400
Bent Frame Fixing Cost Of Your Car 

Note: The prices are an estimate, depending on the degree of your dent, your prices may vary.

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Here, we shall discuss and answer the most frequently asked questions about this topic.

Q: Are There Legal Consequences For Driving With A Bent Frame?

No, there is not. As long as the windshield is unscratched, there are no laws that don’t permit driving your car with a bent frame. Given as long as the bent is moderate and not causing any problems on the road.

Q: Would An Insurance Company Insure A Vehicle With Bent Frame?

Sadly, most insurance companies would not. Yet, always double-check with the insurance company you are planning to insure your vehicle at, as they might have certain troublesome terms and conditions.

Q: Can Bent Frames Car Be Sold At A Good Price?

Well, fixing the bent frame is expensive. Hence, when trying to sell, the buyer wouldn’t be willing to pay the full price. Rather he would like to subtract the repair cost from the market’s retail price.


We have extensively discussed the topic can you drive a car with a bent frame? In the conclusion, let us answer the question yet again. You can drive your car perfectly fine if the windshield is not broken. There are no such laws enforced that would charge you.

But the longevity of your car and the safety of common folks and yourself will certainly be compromised. Nevertheless, as responsible citizens, we must fix any bents in our car’s frame as soon as possible.

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