How To Reset Oil Light On Ford Fiesta

How To Reset Oil Light On Ford Fiesta- Step By Step Guideline

The oil light is an important component of the Ford Fiesta’s warning system. So, seeing this light blink is worrying for the owners. 

So, how do you reset the oil light on your Ford Fiesta? You can easily reset the oil change light using the ignition key, brake, and accelerator of your car. However, for a low-pressure oil warning light, you may need an OBD 2 scanner. Depending on your car’s model, the procedure may differ slightly.

Here, I will share tips on how you can reset both the yellow and red warning oil lights of your Ford Fiesta. So, let’s check it out!

Oil Light Meaning in Ford Fiesta

Oil Light Meaning in Ford Fiesta

There are two types of oil light: one is an oil change light, and the other is an oil warning light.

Oil Change Light

The oil change warning light is like a dripping oil can with a vibrant yellow color. Usually, it pops up with a sound. It comes on as a maintenance reminder. If you do not change your oil for a long period, it may even come up with a warning saying, “Change oil now.”

So, after seeing it, the first thing you need to do is change the oil in your car. This action will protect both your car’s engine and the environment from danger. 

Oil Warning Light

The other one, the low-pressure oil warning light, is also the same icon as the change light. The only difference is that it is red. This light usually comes out if the oil pressure becomes too low or if your vehicle’s engine oil level is low.

If you see it and do not address it properly, you may face technical malfunctioning issues, even engine failure. This malfunction has the highest contribution to car accidents, and the fatality rate for this issue is 1.65%.

Below, I have shared the procedures to address both of the light issues. Let’s take a look!

How To Reset The Oil Change Light On Ford Fiesta?

Below, I have shared a step-by-step guide to resetting the oil change light on the Ford Fiesta. So, let’s read it to fix the issue.

How To Reset The Oil Change Light On Ford Fiesta

Step 1- Prepare The Automobile

The first step is to make sure your car is parked on a safe and flat surface. After that, turn off the engine. Also, let the car cool down for a few minutes before starting the next step.

Step 2 – Turning The Ignition On

Now, using the ignition key, turn the car on. However, do not turn on the engine. However, if your car has a start button, push that for 2 seconds. Remember, you cannot press the brake pedal at that time.

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Step 3 – Working With The Accelerator And Brake

You have to press down the accelerator and the brake pedal. Remember to press them together and make sure they are entirely stepped down. After three seconds, the system will notify you by showing a message that the reset process has started.

Working With The Accelerator And Brake

Step 4 – Completion Of The Reset Process

After seeing that starting text, you have to keep pressing for a few more seconds. If your Fiesta is from 2010-2014, press on for 15 to 20 seconds.

For the 2015 and later models of Ford Fiesta automobiles, you have to keep pressing on the accelerator and brake pedal for 20-25 seconds.

After that time, a message stating that the reset process has been completed will pop up on the dashboard screen.

Step 5 – Wrapping Up And Test Driving

Now, you have to release the accelerator and brake pedals. Then, turn off the ignition key. This will get rid of the illuminating oil light.

After everything has been settled, do a test drive and check everything one last time.

Here is a YouTube video to help you with the procedure:

How To Reset The Low Oil Pressure Warning Light On Ford Fiesta?

To reset the red-colored low-pressure oil warning light, you have to check on the components of the oil pressure system of your car and address the issues found. 

You can detect the issue with an OBD 2 scanner and then manually address it to reset the oil light.

How To Reset The Low Oil Pressure Warning Light On Ford Fiesta

Below, I have discussed the procedure to address the red blinking oil light. 

Resetting the Light With An OBD 2 Scanner

To diagnose the problem with an OBD 2 scanner, follow the steps below. 

Step 1 – Getting The Trouble Code and Fix the Problems

Connect it to the OBD 2 port. Make sure that your ignition is on. The scanner will retrieve the diagnostic trouble code and show the live engine conditions. You will see the result on the dashboard screen.

According to the diagnosed oil pressure problem type, you need to solve them as follows. 

  • Solving The Oil Level Issue: If the scanner reading finds the oil level low, add the recommended amount and type of oil according to the user manual.
  • Addressing The Leakage: If your engine is found to leak, you can repair it by using a stop leak additive. However, if the leak is very large, you should replace the engine.  To replace it, you need to seek the help of a professional. 
  • Replacing The Oil Filter and The Oil Pump: If your engine’s oil filter or oil pump gets clogged up or blocked over time, the oil cannot flow properly. It will lead to low oil pressure. If the scanner finds any of them to be blocked, replace them with the same model.
  • Fixing The Time Belt: In the case of the time belt issue, you have to replace it. This is a bit tricky. If this is your first time replacing the timing belt, you are highly recommended to take the help of a professional or a mechanic. 
Resetting the Light With An OBD 2 Scanner

Step 2- Clearing The Faulty Codes

After addressing the issue with your Fiesta’s oil pressure system, you have to clear the faulty codes shown by the scanner. It will reset the oil pressure warning light. 

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Usually, clearing the faulty codes without addressing the underlying issue will also reset the warning light. However, if you do so, the warning light will come back again. Also, your engine might get damaged more.

So, remember to address the issue(s), and hence, the low-pressure oil warning light will turn off.

Relevant Questions

Let’s know some common and related inquiries about how to reset the oil light on the Ford Fiesta.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Reset The Oil Light?

It depends on the problem. If it is just an oil change light, it won’t cost you any extra penny. However, if it is a low-pressure oil light, the range will vary. For buying a timing belt, it will cost you $35, while for buying an engine, it can cost even $4000, depending on the model.

Can I Drive With A Low-Pressure Oil Light?

You can. However, it is too unsafe. It can cause your engine to stop at any time or even make you lose control.

How Often Does the Oil Change Light Come On In My Ford Fiesta?

Usually, the light comes on after 7,500 miles. However, if the environment is adverse or you need to drive on a rocky road, the light will come sooner.

Final Thoughts

Your Fiesta’s oil light can come out due to some particular reasons. However, now you know how to reset the oil light on the Ford Fiesta. You can do it by detecting the issue behind, as discussed in the above sections, and solving those. 

Also, with proper maintenance and timely checkups, you may avoid both the oil change and low-pressure oil lights. So, do not hesitate to take your car to mechanics for regular checkups.

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